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MGW Ranks v0.15.0
Hi, this is a smaller update than last week's one. If you haven't read the update notes of that one, check out MGW Ranks 2nd Anniversary Update 

The biggest changes or additions come in the inclusion of new releases from CD Japan and Neowing for the international and Japanese regions respectively. They were intended for v0.14.0, but I will admit there was an oversight which saw them omitted.  Undecided Next, we've opened a feedback forum here so that users may easily submit their feature suggestions and report bugs. For smaller screens, our greeter image isn't shown but is still downloaded. Now the greeter is only downloaded when the screen or browser window is of sufficient size. The image has also been converted to WebP to reduce bandwidth when shown. Finally, we updated the product image loading code to try a fallback instead of just giving up and showing placeholder one.

There are a few more changes not mentioned here, if you're interested please see them in the changelog.

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