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Azur Lane Rodney Immaculate Beauty Ver. by Alphamax
[Image: Azur-Lane-Rodney-Immaculate-Beauty-Ver.-Teaser-1.jpg]

Alphamax is showing off the pre-painted prototype of their Rodney Immaculate Beauty Ver. from Azur Lane. Rodney's wearing a white and blue spring-themed cheongsam complimented by a fluffy white fabric shawl around her arms. 

[Image: Azur-Lane-Rodney-Immaculate-Beauty-Ver.-Teaser-2.jpg]

Here is her unpainted prototype that they showed last year.

[Image: Azur-Lane-Rodney-Immaculate-Beauty-Ver.-...totype.jpg]
[Image: Azur-Lane-Rodney-Immaculate-Beauty-Ver.-...ration.jpg]

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