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Full Version: MGW Ranks 2nd Anniversary Update
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This update commemorates the website’s 2nd anniversary. As always, it’s late, but it’s not the date itself, but rather the honoring of the anniversary, right? Right!? This update has the most retailer additions since the initial version. They were always planned additions, but I don’t think I envisioned that they would all be added in a single update. Good Smile Company’s integration required an update. I prefer the old website’s personality, but the new one isn’t bad, neither does it load slowly like other redesigns. GSC’s exclusives have been enhanced over the prior iteration. I’m excited about truly exclusive figures showing up waiting to impress me versus just bonuses. HOBBY STOCK has a few exclusive figures and bonuses as well. So if you hop over to the Japanese section, you might find something nice.

Aside from adding new retailers, we’re always tweaking the site for performance and to make it aesthetically pleasing. This update marks a change in fonts, MGW Ranks is now using the blocky and also sleek “Oxanium” font. The navigation menu font is bold and in full caps, but the menu doesn’t feel overpowering. When used for the price and discount indicators, the font remains legible at a smaller size. It’s actually being used for another MGW project, so we brought it here to unify the designs. The icons have also changed in a way that they are no longer bundled with the HTML on each request. This is a performance change, hopefully you will be able to start scrolling and swiping faster.

Finally, not really, there’s still more. Our greeter, Kurumi, is stepping aside for Sonia Blanche by VERTEX. Much like VERTEX’s prior Sakuya, Sonia is an astounding swimsuit figure with an innocent expression and more importantly, faithfully captures Tony’s artistic style (with the correct appendages). Look at those eyes and smile! Another reason why Sonia was chosen is because of summer. Summer is on its way for the boys and girls in the North, but for us in the Southern Hemisphere, winter is coming. A wise man once said that pretty girls in swimsuits can bring summer with them. Sonia has that responsibility now!

We hope you enjoy this 2nd anniversary update. May God bless you and your family this Easter.